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Episode Summary: Our guest today is a Chief Referral Ninja Master, who helps others grow their business using referrals. Joining us is Stacey Brown Randall, a coaching consultant, award-winning author, and speaker. Stacey is the podcast host of Roadmap to Grow Your Business, a podcast offering more insights into growing your business through referral. In this episode, join Stacey and me to learn new tactics to help grow your business and the best ways to generate referrals without asking. We also discuss the importance of an organized database and the best practices to re-engage potential leads! Top Takeaways:
  • Stacey Brown Randall’s Advice for New Agents
  • “I would tell a new agent that is just getting started – your relationships are going to serve you, feed you, and pick you up when things go sideways, as they have been known to do more now than ever.”
  • “You have to take time making sure when you are developing these relationships, you are coming at it from a place not trying to sell them a home or get a referral… but ultimately at the end of the day, you’re looking to help them.”

“The truth is that a database is made up of referral sources, clients, current clients, previous clients, and strategic partners. There are just so many different categorizations, and if you don’t start with something, it can get really hard to get back.” – Stacey Brown Randall [17:50] “I think that the truth is, if I’m referred to someone, I am less inclined to check them out online, and I’m more inclined to take the recommendation of my friend if I truly trust my friend. But the reviews and testimonials build your credibility for every other type of prospect or lead you’re going to have. If I do go check you out after being referred and I see other people who love working with you, it only solidifies my decision.” – Stacey Brown Randall [19:47] Episode Highlights: [00:19] Intro [00:45] Meet Stacey Brown Randall – Referral Ninja Expert [01:49] Living in the Carolinas [02:27] Attending the University of South Carolina [04:32] Dreams of Being a Broadcast Journalist [06:58] Weaving the Way to Business Consulting [12:59] Best Ways to Help Grow Your Business [15:13] The Importance of Taking Care of Your Database [18:19] Verified Reviews in Referral Strategies [21:06] Setting the Expectation for Reviews [22:27] Tips to Reconnecting a Neglected Database [27:53] Referral Seed Example [32:17] Stacey’s Advice for New Agents [33:42] Connect with Stacey [34:59] Closing Thoughts [35:13] Outro Episode Notes: Today, joining us is Stacey Brown Randall, Chief Referral Ninja Master, helping business owners achieve their referral goals. Stacey Brown Randall grew up in Greenville, South Carolina spending only a few years living in Colorado before spending the rest of her time before college back in South Carolina. Stacey studied at the University of South Carolina, where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications and Broadcast Journalism. Stacey Brown Randall had dreams of being a broadcast journalist and received multiple offers after graduation but decided to turn them down to seek other opportunities. Instead of a journalism career, Stacey landed her first job at a non-profit company based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Stacey received many great opportunities and connections and became the Director of Marketing and Business Development for the Charlotte Magazine and Workforce Development Director for the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce. In 2009, Stacey Brown Randall founded Randall Research, an HR consulting firm, for over four years before returning to corporate work in the financial space. Looking for an escape route to get out of corporate America, Stacey received her productivity and business coaching certification. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Stacey started her second business in 2013, where through her coaching program, Stacey helps business owners generate referrals without asking. Stacey Brown Randall is also the award-winning author of the book Generating Business Referrals Without Asking: A Simple Five-Step Plan to a Referral Explosion. Stacey also is the host of Roadmap to Grow Your Business, a podcast that offers tips and tricks to growing your business and bringing in new clients. Stacey shares in the episode why she thinks it may be difficult for real estate professionals to use their databases to their full potential. Databases are made up of referral sources, clients, current clients, previous clients, and strategic partners. Many in the real estate industry can benefit from categorizing each source correctly to maintain clean and comfortable access to data. The importance of having an organized database can help in gaining referrals and re-engaging clients. Having a solid strategy and system for each type of client can facilitate maintaining authentic relationships and reengagement from referrals. Engagement with clients can deepen relationships, and the provided outreach is memorable and meaningful, helping plant referral seeds and strengthening relationships with referral sources. Stacey offers advice on referral seeds by introducing the ‘Thank by Name’ tactic. Every time a referral is received, a handwritten thank you card should be shared with the referral source, thanking them for the referral by name. This helps plant the referral seeds while also reminding the referral source that they are valued. Stacey Brown Randall’s advice to new real estate agents is to know that your relationships will serve you if you take the time to develop the relationships. It’s essential not solely to focus on trying to sell the client a home, but ultimately you are trying to help the client!

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