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#063 - The key to sales success in real estate is to be unsalesy. May sound counter intuitive - but think about it. When you think of a salesperson, what image comes to mind? Someone loud, aggressive, pushy? Probably. What if you are the opposite? Don't you think clients would enjoy working with you so much more?
My guest on this week's episode, Jason Brian of Classic Realty in Austin, Texas is an unsalesy success story.
Meet Jason Brian
Jason has been an Austin resident since 1994 when The University of Texas brought him to the then rather quiet River City. In the 27 years since this husband & father of 3 has seen his chosen home change quite a bit.
A former downtown dweller, now based in Northwest Hills since 2006, Jason relies on his personal relationships and background in finance & digital marketing to find properties on & off-market.
After leaving UT business school with a degree in finance and real estate syndication Jason got his feet wet in distressed properties & liens. Which may explain why he is investment-minded in his approach to achieving clients’ goals, as if they were his own.
When he’s not playing pickle ball or swimming to beat the Texas heat at the local club you can find Jason endlessly attempting to entertain his young kids or avoiding “people-y” situations.. not because of covid… just too many people.
When you, or someone you know, is ready to make the move / invest in one of the hottest cities for the past 10 years —call 512-560-4549 or email to reach Jason. His website is
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