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#057 - Did you know that introverts make the best Realtors? It is true – but we need to do things differently than our extroverted colleagues. My guest on this week’s podcast, Ashley Harwood, founded Move Over Extroverts to help introverts discover and take advantage of their strengths. On this week’s episode, you’ll get great insights from Ashley on how to succeed in real estate as an introvert.
Meet Ashley Harwood
Ashley Harwood is a fierce advocate for introverts. She is passionate about empowering introverts to be as successful as they choose to be, while still enjoying their lives, every day. She is the creator of The Quiet Success Workshop, The Quiet Success Programs, and inventor of her unique 1:1 real estate coaching program. Ashley teaches introverted real estate agents and entrepreneurs how their energy affects their businesses. She has taught hundreds of entrepreneurs throughout the country and loves showing business owners alternative ways to grow their businesses. When she is not spreading the Move Over Extroverts word around the world, she loves cooking, doing yoga, and swimming in the ocean.
Check out her website, and you can connect with her at
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