Shopify SEO: Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid with Kerri Bennett


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So perhaps you’re a new business considering taking the plunge into the Shopify pool.

Or maybe you’ve taken that leap off the diving board, and are already splashing about and wondering if your Shopify site is really up to scratch.

And no matter what you’re selling – whether it’s fun pool floaties, funky garden gnomes, or eco-friendly fashion – you know you need to rank well on the search engines to reach new customers.

So today I’ll be chatting with my favourite Shopify pro, Kerri Bennett, and we’ll be covering the top ten mistakes people make on Shopify and how you can avoid them.

Tune in to learn:

  • What Shopify is
  • The importance of choosing the right theme
  • Why your theme needs to be mobile-friendly
  • What benefits Shopify has over WordPress
  • How to navigate the app store
  • Why you should be putting more attention into your collection pages
  • How many H1’s are the right amount.
  • What steps you should be taking for SEO
  • Why bigger isn’t necessarily better with your images
  • When you should upgrade your theme version.
  • How to preserve your theme before adding new apps or changes.

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