The Science Behind Brand Psychology with Lisa Galea (NEWBIE)


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What do you think about when you think about brand?

A sexy colour palette, logo, a particularly snazzy font?

Obviously, branding is way more than that.

But it's amazing how much the colours, or logos we use can impact how our customers see us.

And of course, there's actually a psychology behind branding that uses science to match your brand, to your business goals, and your mindset.

And if you get strategic about your brand, it can of course build a bulging bank balance.

So today we're straying slightly away from the SEO path to talk about brand psychology.

Tune in to learn:

  • What brand psychology is
  • How to use science to make your brand more appealing
  • How your brainpower and senses impact your brand and business
  • How multiple senses can be used in marketing
  • Why it’s vital to be consistent in your branding
  • How science influence the colours and fonts in your brand
  • Lisa’s top tips on branding

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