#20 Investing in large scale agroforestry with 12Tree


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We have a conversation with Oliver Hanke from 12Tree finance to understand what scaling agroforestry looks like. With 160 million $ already invested in 12 projects, 12Tree is bringing large investors into agroforestry. We go into some detail on their largest project in Guatemala to understand its implementation. We understand who is investing in agroforestry at that scale and their motivations for doing so. We also discuss the balance between agronomic innovation and profitability, if agroforestry is delivering the benefits they expected, and whether such big farms leave any space for small-scale farmers. This episode brings to the forefront some of the thought-provoking questions we face if agroforestry is to be deployed at scale.


01:29 Introduction

11:40 Case study : Finca Chimelb

30:45 Investing in agroforestry

40:21 Taking risks with agroforestry

51:51 Forecasting profitability while integrating complexity

01:06:29 What place for small scale farmers?

01:14:04 Is 12Tree relevant to the western context?



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