How to Diversify Your Portfolio During A Crisis


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Guest: Andrew Hines, Real Estate Investor

Andrew is an experienced real estate investor. He owns many student rental properties in Southwestern Ontario. With the current events, he’s been slowly divesting some of his properties to focus on new projects in Florida.

Tune in to find out some great tips and insights on how to manage a real estate portfolio during a crisis. Andrew is now looking at new development and buying empty lots. He shares how to choose the right lot and how to identify the right properties for BRRRRs. As Florida is seeing massive growth, there is also an enormous opportunity to invest.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • Hedging your portfolio against market fluctuations
  • What’s happening with student rentals?
  • Being ahead of the curve
  • How to offer a more unique rental property for higher cash flow
  • Now focusing on new constructions and BRRRRs in Florida
  • Acquiring opportunities during massive population growth in FL
  • How to switch out materials to keep costs down
  • Identifying the right land to buy

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