How To Get The Best Mortgages And The Most Approvals With Proper Planning


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Guest: Daniel Patton, Mortgage Agent & Investor Specialist

Private lending, BRRRRs, owning rental properties are all part of Daniel’s experience. His team helps investors buy in all provinces. During this podcast, we learned about the differences you can expect when buying in other provinces and how to manage this very hot market! Local brokers sometimes are better connected with local appraisers, etc. Work in cohesion with locals. Get your appraisal early! Especially when there are firm offers involved. As we always say, it’s all about relationships. Trust BM Select’s expertise for your next deal.

In this episode you will learn about:

  • 19 years in the mortgage industry
  • 15 years of investor financing
  • Real-time adjustments
  • Scaling and buying various types of properties
  • BM Select is the #1 mortgage brokerage in Canada
  • Backlogs are to be expected all over the market
  • How to navigate this hot market
  • Having coaches and power teams to mitigate the risks

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