How to get to 3 Properties Before Turning 30


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Guest: Skyleigh McCallum, Realtor/ Financial educator.

Skyleigh accumulated a little bit of debt when first starting out in real estate. She eventually learned that she could refinance her property to pay off debt and help to save for the 2nd property.

She learned the BRRRR strategy!

Adding basement suites, using secured lines of credit and other creative financing strategies have helped her scale to 3 properties in a short period of time. Appreciation and especially forced appreciation have been the key to Skyleigh’s growth strategy. Skyleigh also helps her clients get into financial education through life insurance and various saving strategies.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • If you don’t know what career to choose, interview someone!
  • Having a power team to help you continue to grow and evolve
  • Investing in eastern Canada and in the USA for cash flow
  • Appreciation is great but not the end all be all
  • Combining real estate and financial education
  • Life insurance and the possibilities they offer
  • Helping people accumulate and protect assets

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