The Richard Syrett Show - June 30, 2021 - Burning Of Churches, NSA Spying On Tucker Carlson & The Sneezing Man! GoFundMe Campaign


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Host of “The Counter Signal Podcast,” Keean Bexte on the burning of churches and the trend of cancelling Canada Day. Attorney, Author & Host of the “Mysteries of Watergate podcast,” John O’Connor discusses why the National Security Agency is spying on famed journalist, Tucker Carlson. Tony Heller fights back against Climate Change Alarmism. Lou Schizas returns once again for News Not In The News. A man who was criminally charged for sneezing on a flight, Vadim Ilyinsky returns to share his new GoFundMe campaign, “The Sneezing Man!” Plus, science and medical writer/researcher & author, Forrest Maready on why he believes people pushing vaccines at all costs are akin to religious zealots.

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