Episode 1347: The Richie Allen Show Tuesday October 12th 2021


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Richie is joined by registered nurse and clinical researcher Stephen and also by Portuguese Magistrate Judge Dr. Rui Castro.
Stephen is a registered NHS nurse and clinical researcher. He reached out to the programme to say that he would be forced to leave his job soon, because of the covid vaccine mandate introduced by UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid. Stephen explains why he is so reluctant to have the jab. He also tells Richie why he believes that the threat from covid has been greatly exaggerated. Do not miss this conversation.
Judge Dr. Rui Costa was recently fired from his position as magistrate in Odemira, Portugal. The judge has been targeted since he started speaking out against the lockdowns and vaccine mandates. Judge Costa tells Richie why he believes that Covid-19 is a front for a depopulation programme.

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