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If you have been involved in Development then chances are you have experienced one or more of these issues;

Main contractors going bust on a job.

Sub contractors not being paid on time.

Contractors having cash flow problems.

Developer not having evidence of what works sub contractors have been paid for.

Lenders not being happy with your choice of contractor due to their balance sheet or credit file.

Contractors and sub contractors not being able to win tenders due to their balance sheet, credit or cash flow not being strong enough despite being capable.

Contractors and sub contractors not being able to finance or factor invoices to improve cash flow.

Contractors not taking on jobs due to payment terms being too long.

If you have then you will want to listen to this discussion I had with Nisha Singh Co Founder of Transper, a fintech platform that provides liquidity and transparency in deep tier supply chain reducing costs and credit risk.

We discuss;

What is transper and how did Nisha and the team come to create it?

Who are the different parties that can benefit from using transper and why?

Some main contractors may not want their clients eg the developer knowing the prices they are paying sub contractors. What is in place to protect the main contractors?

What value of contract is transper best used for?

How much does transper cost the user?

What have been the challenges in bringing transper to market?

And much more.

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