NYT Issues a Sad Defense of Writer's 'Disturbed by Flags' Comments | DIRECT MESSAGE


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Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks about the backlash to Mara Gay’s comments about being disturbed by American flags, Hunter Biden’s racist texts, and a new study on hydroxychloroquine that may surprise you. First, a tweet from the NY Times defending Mara Gay for her comments on MSNBC, where she discussed how she was disturbed by the sight of Trump flags as well as U.S. flags. More revelations from the Hunter Biden laptop, as it appears that Hunter used a racial slur multiple times. Finally, Dave shares the results of a new hydroxychloroquine study that shows it may be effective in treating COVID. This is the same drug that numerous doctors including Dr. Stella Immanuel were denounced for recommending at the beginning of the pandemic.

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