Shameful Democrat Hypocrisy: Sydney Watson, Elijah Schaffer, Jesse Kelly | ROUNDTABLE


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Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to BlazeTV’s Sydney Watson, Elijah Schaffer, and Jesse Kelly about Terry McAuliffe’s hypocrisy, Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate cluelessness, Ben & Jerry's trying to explain their political hypocrisy, and Sydney, Australia, ending the longest lockdown in the world. First, Dave and his guests discuss why former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe is struggling to explain why he is against school vouchers when it has been revealed that he sent his kids to private schools. Joe Biden explains why your vaccination status shouldn’t cause political divisions and Ben & Jerry's are caught off guard by an interviewer pointing out the political hypocrisy of their decision to restrict sales of their ice cream in parts of Israel.

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