Marriage Lie #4: Marriage is 50 / 50


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Equal partnership. That is what a marriage is about, when it is healthy. Right? Right?? Nope. Just another marriage lie. Oh, not on purpose! Nope, these marriage lies are not intentional. Just not true. Unfortunately, as people repeat them, they believe them. And those beliefs have consequence. They can eat away at the foundations of a marriage, simply because the lie is believed. So, actions are taken on a false belief. For example, with this lie… if you believe that marriage is 50/50, an equal partnership… and you decide your spouse is not putting in their 50, then you have reason for upset. Reason for demands. Reason for feeling taken advantage of. Here is the TL;DR: marriage is NOT 50/50. It is all in/all in. But to understand more about why marriage is not 50/50… and to discover what it really is… and how that changes things, listen to the episode below. RELATED RESOURCES: Lie #1: If you struggle, it’s wrong Lie #2: Your spouse should meet all your needs Lie #3: Conflict is a sign of trouble Immutable Laws of Marriage Series Grab the Save The Marriage System

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