When You Can’t Make Your Spouse Happy


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Many a marriage crisis emerges when a spouse declares, “I’m not happy.” It is really a statement about discontent with the relationship. But many respond by assuming they now know what they need to do: make their spouse happy. Which sets in motion an impossible task: making another human happy. Why won’t it work? Why can’t you make your spouse happy? Because a) it isn’t your responsibility, and b) it isn’t in your control. In this week’s Save The Marriage Podcast episode, I dive in on why your efforts to make your spouse happy will fail. We discuss what you can control and what you can’t. And I give you four places to shift your focus, so that you can make progress in your efforts. Listen below to learn why you can’t make your spouse happy… and what to do, instead. RELATED RESOURCES Why Marriages Get into Trouble 3 C’s of Saving Your Marriage What Happy Couples Know Series The Difference Between Happy and Hurting The Save The Marriage System

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