72: Understanding the Academy System with Ryan Baldi


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Academy football is notoriously ruthless and cut-throat. A minuscule proportion of young footballers make it into the professional game. For every Phil Foden, Mason Mount or Marcus Rashford, there is a trail of disappointment and heartache felt by hundreds of budding, hopeful youngsters.
Joe speaks to author of 'The Dream Factory - Inside the Make-or-Break World of Football’s Academies’ Ryan Baldi about success stories, academy pitfalls, pros, cons and the growing debate around aftercare following the dreaded release conversation.
11:34: Academy football finances
17:21: What is a 'Category One' academy?
22:36: Aftercare and the releasing of young footballers
32:35: Elite academies vs Lower league academies - Dele Alli's vs Phil Foden's
39:47: The Making of Marcus Rashford
45:30: Is Chelsea the 'ideal scenario' in academy football?
50:18: How Chelsea scouted and signed Mason Mount

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