85. Chakras, Pleasure, & Trauma with Eliza Boquin, MA, LMFT


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Hey sis! In this episode, we have guest expert Eliza Boquin, MA, LMFT joining us to talk all things chakras, pleasure, & trauma. We all DESERVE to feel good in life and let's be honest, trauma can deeply affect our ability to feel this way. Join us as we dive into mitigating trauma and welcoming in pleasure into our lives. Click here to snag your self-improvement bundle of 75 courses for $75.90. Hurry! This is only available until 1/9! All the info on guest Expert, Eliza Boquin: Websites: melaninandmentalhealth.com flowandeasehealing.com IG: @elizagboquin Book mentioned: The pleasure project Business Inquiries? Email the team: hi@beatricekamau.com IG: @theselflovefix. Website: www.beatricekamau.com

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