566: The Pitfalls of Positive Thinking


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It might sound suspicious to you when I suggest there is a downside to positive thinking. But, hear me out….

Positive thinking serves us well when it’s authentic - because of course, it feels good to feel good. But pushing ourselves into positive thinking does not serve well when it’s inauthentic. If we feel like crap, sometimes we need to honor the crap and embrace the suck - not invalidate it by trying to force a smile and a good attitude.

In honoring the crap and embracing the suck, we ultimately become more resilient and resourceful. We more deeply understand ourselves as well as the human condition. This creates more space for us to be compassionate and empathetic humans who can survive, cope and thrive under a wider variety of experiences.

Listen in to learn why positive thinking does not always serve you - and how it can be downright dangerous at times. You’ll also learn how to work toward neutral thinking instead of emotionally bypassing hard feelings. This can be a game changer in how you experience emotions and manage your thoughts and feelings in the long run.

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