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In today’s special episode of the 6-Figure Breakthrough series, Jane von Klee shares how her business took a shift when she decided to change her course topic.

Jane signed up for SOMBA Kickstart two years ago, thinking she wanted to offer a copy writing course. But after surveying her clients, she found out that they were much more interested in SEO.

In this episode, Jane shares how she got over her limiting belief of not being expert enough, how she structured her business with two complimenting courses and now has regular 5-figure launches, and why she participated in Kickstart twice.

In this Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • How Jane started out with her online business (2:22)
  • Why Jane signed up for SOMBA Kickstart (3:08)
  • How Jane changed her course idea and the direction of her business (5:17)
  • Jane’s experience in Kickstart and why she joined the program twice (12:12)
  • How Jane is running her business with two courses today (14:18)

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