How to Get the Attention of Journalists with Marike Frick


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If you’re running an online business, putting yourself out there is necessary to get the visibility, credibility and clients that will make your business grow.

However, what immediately comes to mind when thinking about PR is the daunting number of press-releases that get sent out each day and are never read.

Marike Frick, my guest this week on The Sigrun Show, teaches her clients how to get press coverage without writing a single press release. She is a trained journalist and started her own online business 5 years ago after people started asking for her advice on how to get in touch with journalists.

In this episode, Marike shares her top tips on how to grab a journalist’s attention, how to find the right journalist for your story, and once you’ve scored your interview, how to display your media coverage for maximum effect.

In this Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • The story behind Marike’s online business (3:53)
  • How long she’s been running her online business and how it developed (6:40)
  • Marike’s tips on how to grab the attention of journalists (9:00)
  • Where and how to contact a journalist (11:44)
  • How to find the right journalist for your story (22:10)
  • Once you scored an interview — what follows? (22:55)
  • Where and how to display your media coverage (26:50)

Connect with Marike

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