How Women Network Differently with Anke Beeren


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If you’re at a certain point in your online business, networking and being in the room with like-minded people becomes one of the most important things to grow.

I’m fascinated by masterminds, but my dear friend Anke Beeren went a step further. She founded Joint Forces, a club with a totally new concept to give 6- and 7-figure female online entrepreneurs a space to network strategically and accelerate innovative thinking.

In this episode of The Sigrun Show, we talk about the difference between a network and a mastermind, how women network differently than men, and what you can do to start networking strategically.

In this Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • Why networking has become Anke’s passion project (2:08)
  • How she created something brand new (5:36)
  • The difference between a network and a mastermind (8:47)
  • Why women network differently than men (11:50)
  • The framework Anke has created for her club (19:51)
  • How women should go about networking (23:02)
  • How to keep up your network (25:04)
  • What you can do to start networking on your own (26:34)

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