The Skeptic Zone #662 - 13.June.2021


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0:00:00 Introduction Richard Saunders 0:03:18 The Raw Skeptic Report. With Heidi Robertson A hairdressing business in the town of Mullumbimby shows they are not a cut above the rest by displaying their ignorance via a 'hair-brained' poster, "Do not enter if you have been vaccinated against COVID-19". Heidi Robertson is on tne case with scoop for the Skeptic Zone. 0:24:19 The Book of Tim Tim Mendham reads from the pages of 'The Skeptic' magazine, from Australian Skeptics. 'Phantoms'. Vol 34 No 4 - Dec. 2014 0:30:55 A Dive into a Trove A wander through the decades of digitised newspapers on a search for references to "The Occult". Also Learning from Indigenous memory methods Corona Conspiracy - Upload Images

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