Bags, bees and being bespoke with James Marshall from Will Bees Bespoke


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Will Bees Bespoke is a well known British brand, based in Salcombe, whose beautiful bags are eye catching, easy to use, and have bespoke touches to make them extra special too. On this episode, I chat to James Marshall, co-owner of Will Bees Bespoke, about growing brands, social media, the future, and so much more.

We discuss the transition between shows and the Salcombe shop to online, working with influencers, USPs, and a stunning new, exclusive collection that has the loveliest story behind it.

As you'd expect, there's a great story behind the brand, a muddy low, soaring highs, a discussion about what's to come from this fab brand, a lot of dogs(!), and some great tips for people starting out and wanting to grow a too.

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