Keeping riders safer through BETA's Summer of Safety


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Have you heard of BETA? Most people in the trade have heard of the British Equestrian Trade Association, but not everyone is aware of the work of BETA- although if you're an equestrian you will have come into contact with BETA's work more than you might think. The label on your body protector, the logos on your feed bags, the training the retailers in the shops you visit receive- all connected to BETA.

On this week's episode, I speak to Claire Williams, the Executive Director of BETA, and Dr Di Fisher, Chief Medical Officer of BETA, about BETA's Summer of Safety; what that's all about, amazing competitions and who's coming on Live to share their experiences.

In addition, Claire and Di talk about safety as a whole, and the great work that's going on behind the scenes to help keep us safer- not to scare anyone- simply to make the equestrian sport we all love as safe as it can be. It's a good one!

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