Too many voices...


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This episode's working title was simply 'the voices' because that seemed the best description!

Over the last year particularly, there have been a LOT of free challenges, webinars, courses, downloads, you name it, promoted online. Have you noticed? And, often, these are created by people you don't know and have never met (but you fall into their ads audience online).

This can be great as it can help you to discover people who have skills you don't that you can learn from. But what happens when there are too many people offering these amazing things and you start to feel a bit overwhelmed? Maybe you've even signed up or downloaded some (all!) of these free resources, and instead of you feeling empowered and educated, you feel paralysed because you're more confused than ever and don't know what to do for fear of doing everything wrong?

Yeah- that's what the voices can do to you! And on this week's podcast, I'm talking all about them, how to find the right ones to listen to, why it's really important to silence the others... and how you're already pretty damn fabulous as you are- you're simply improving on what you have!

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