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We’ve been making this podcast for 10 years thanks to listeners like you. Since the beginning, many people have asked us to get rid of the ads, or leave the live streams up a little longer, or get more content. Well now we have a solution for you! (Don't worry, the show will still be available for free)

By becoming a patron you can watch the live stream, ad-free episodes, get access to the shows long before the general public, or even get a special once-a-month crew show that is only for our Patrons. And it all starts at just $3 a month.

Read about the tiers below or hit the link to see a thorough description. Join our Patreon:

Here’s how it works.

TIER 1: You’re on our Pit Crew!

Want to watch the podcast live stream? This is how you do it. The day before the show, we will share the link to the live broadcast with the community and you’ll get a notification when it goes live, so make sure you keep your notifications on.

Tier 2: Crew Chief

The Crew Chief is one of the most valuable members on a race team so we’re giving you a lot of value. Tier 2 patrons not only get to watch the live broadcast, they also get ad-free episodes from this day forward. When we publish the episode for the general public, you’ll receive a notification that ad-free versions have been posted right here on Patreon. What if you want to listen on the go? During a commute? We got you covered. Our patron-only RSS feed contains ad-free versions of episodes (starting with episode 650) and our entire back catalog. That's all our content in one single subscription.

Tier 3: Pro Driver

Let’s be honest, drivers get the best perks. Drivers get everything the other tiers get PLUS: Early access to episodes - Missed the live broadcast? No problem. The moment we end the live stream we publish it for you to enjoy on your schedule. No more waiting a week or two for it to be published. And, we will record 1-hour crew show, airing once a month, that's only available to Pro Drivers. We'll dive deeper on the cars we've driven AND answer your questions.

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