Jesse Iwuji (NASCAR driver, NAVY officer, entrepreneur)


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Jesse Iwuji is one of those people that is as impressive as he is likable and he is very impressive indeed. While on leave from serving in the NAVY he went to a track day, fell in love with the driving, and decided to become a race car driver. He has done just that, working his way up through late model stocks cars to the Xfinity series. He dailies an R32 GT-R and a C7 Corvette, drifts a C6 Corvette, owns a few businesses, and just created a racing team alongside an NFL legend.

A story like his is far from common in the world of auto racing. You won't regret listening.

From his website:

"Jesse went from competing at the top level of Division-1A college football to rising the ranks of the military as a Lieutenant Commander, and is now the only current driver in all of NASCAR at the national levels that actively serves his country as a US Military member. Today he is one of two African Americans competing at NASCARs national level of racing."


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