John Temerian (Curated, Exotic Car Dealer)


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John Temerian is the CEO of a vintage exotic car dealership has the life story to back it up. He runs Curated, a Miami-based dealership that buys and sells investment quality “blue chip” cars. Think classic exotics like Countach, Miura, CLK GTR, XJ220, Bugatti EB110s, etc. John has owned, bought, and sold, hundreds of cars and his knowledge runs deep. He has great insight, stories, and a love of cars that is infectious. We go back to his youth when his dad decided to sell Lamborghinis, took him for a ride in a RUF, and couldn't understand why John liked Renntech Mercedes.


**Note: John's mic was having a small issue during the show so you may hear some soft clicks throughout. We did what we could to remedy it and we don't feel it ruins what is otherwise an excellent show.

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