Ep 70: Tomato Hater Appreciation Day w/ Ben Laden


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News and chat about society, with a soundboard and propaganda mixed in. On this episode, I was completely solo! This is Season 5, at the show's brand new venue: the beautiful Lorena Bobbitt Theatre. It's the HD era! Some of the things covered include:

- I visit the Oracle of Delphi and talk about my recurring nightmare of a sandwich shop

- The Society Show Monologue!

- It's Tomato Hater Appreciation Day! We appreciate people who don't eat tomatoes, a disrespected (potentially oppressed?) class in our society

- Steve Donziger, political prisoner in the US, for lawsuit against Chevron, representing indigenous Ecuadorians

- The Pandora Papers, and the questionable and vague coverage mainstream press

- A brief interview with Ben Laden, the show's unpaid intern

- Duterte announced he will retire from politics after his presidency is over

- Israeli settlers stoning a Palestinian ranching village

- Former Malawian lawmaker shoots himself dead in parliament building

- Georgia's ex-president arrested after returning home

- Qataris vote in country's first legislative elections

- Responding to and refuting a clip on "left-wing authoritarianism" from the All-In Podcast

All of that, and much much more, this is the Society Show!

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