Ep 71: CIA agents MIA, Yemen, Taiwan, and Vaush


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News and chat about society, with a soundboard and propaganda mixed in. On this episode, I was completely solo! This is Season 5, at the show's brand new venue: the beautiful Lorena Bobbitt Theatre. It's the HD era! Some of the things covered include:

- A 100 year old Nazi guard is tried for crimes in Germany, at Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

- An alleged Brazilian pedophile found to have millions of dollars worth of Nazi memorabilia

- An anti-Shia terrorist attack in Afghanistan

- A UN investigation into Yemen and the "Saudi intervention" in Yemen

- The US is training troops in Taiwan, provoking conflict with China

- The history and dynamics of China and Taiwan's territorial claims

- A future internet infrastructure crash, and how catastrophic it would be

- Multiple CIA agents are being captured and killed recently

- Commenting on Vaush's perceived problems with the left

- Black Hammer Org, the fringe, Jonestown-esque cultish group

- China: Socialist or not?

- How tankie is a really stupid word

All of that, and much much more, this is the Society Show!

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