How to scale your business with a sustainable Pinterest Strategy ft. Domitille Sia-Holik


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Does anyone else love getting on Pinterest and scrolling for the latest how-to or birthday planning ideas? Did you know that you can utilize it for your business? Pinterest, I think, is one of the internet's best-kept secrets. With 450+ million active monthly users, think about the untapped audience you have access to.

Today, I'm bringing in a specialist to help you find out how to get started with Pinterest and start putting in a sustainable marketing strategy to start getting leads coming to your business. The best part? You can do this even in your sleep!

Domitille Sia-Holik is the founder of Mademoiselle Social. She is a Pinterest Strategist that helps coaches and service providers create a sustainable marketing strategy using Pinterest as their primary tool for lead generation and online visibility. You don't want to miss this episode!

"On Pinterest, you have to think that it's a cold audience. They want to know what you can bring them regarding solutions and services and answers to their questions." - Domitille Sia-Holik

Highlights include:

  • About Domitille and her business (5:31)

  • How Pinterest works (6:36)

  • Want to get started on Pinterest? (8:07)

  • A few no, no's (13:32)

  • Repurpose reels to Pinterest - good or bad idea? (17:17)

  • The optimal ratio between your content and promoting others (17:43)

  • What Pinterest likes (19:17)

  • Creating a consistent plan (20:28)

  • Batching helps you be intentional and have stats for your pins (22:36)

  • Three pillars of Pinterest (23:43)

  • Trends to be aware of (26:34)

  • Idea pins for educating, not entertaining (28:29)

  • Final tips from Domitille (29:15)

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