Reversing Chronic Illness and Autoimmune Disease l Dr. Sina McCullough with Dr. Christine Schaffner | Episode 112


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With over 100 varying conditions, Autoimmune Diseases have reached epidemic levels. Many are related to your food and gut biome (which makes up almost 80% of your immune system).

It’s easy to see that in today’s world, “modern medicine” is focused on symptom relief.

For many patients, their doctor-patient conversations focus on how to live with or “manage” their symptoms when a diagnosis is made. In fact, most patients automatically assume that the only option they have is to figure out how to live with their diagnosis for the rest of their life - or until a “cure” for their condition can be found.

What if there was a way to potentially reverse an autoimmune condition?

Joining Dr. Christine Schaffner on the show today is Dr. Sina McCullough. She shares her own autoimmune disease story, how she found healing through nutrition, and how she completely reversed her illness without medication. They also discuss how our food system is too complicated and what to look for on labels to determine if what you’re eating is truly gluten-free.

Dr. Sina McCullogh is the creator of the popular online program GO WILD: How I Reverse Chronic & Autoimmune Disease (click here to learn more - and if you are interested in the program, use the code Schaffner50 to save $50). . She has also authored two books about our food supply, HANDS OFF MY FOOD and BEYOND LABELS (co-authored with Joel Salatin).

After nearly dying in her early 40's, it’s amazing to experience Dr. McCullough’s vitality and hopefulness after fully reversing her autoimmune disease (without the use of medication). She has dedicated her life to helping others avoid the health challenges she faced and offers consultations and her online coaching program that educates others on how to reverse chronic and autoimmune diseases. She also offers cooking workshops, Corporate Healing programs, and free educational material on her website:

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