198. How to Start Running: A Beginner’s Guide, with Coach Alli Felsenthal


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Alli Felsenthal is a certified running coach, personal trainer, Boston Qualifier, 86-minute half marathoner, fitness class instructor, and host of the Run with Alli Live Podcast. She came to running later in life but has progressed quickly after leaving her corporate job and focusing all of her attention on her coaching and running.

She has an interesting story of why she made the leap and how she was able to start a successful career in the fitness industry. Alli is hard-working, gritty, and determined. She passes those traits on to her clients and helps them to achieve their running goals.

Today, we're talking about the common questions that new runners face, like:

  • How can I run consistently?
  • Why is running not getting any easier?
  • What are the common pitfalls for new runners?
  • When is a runner ready to start training for a marathon?
  • How can runners train if they're injured?

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