199. Is a 10-Day Training Cycle Right For You? (with Mario Fraioli)


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Our guest today is coach Mario Fraioli, a 2:27 marathoner who hosts the Morning Shakeout podcast and publishes the newsletter of the same name.

Mario coaches a wide variety of elite and sub-elite runners and has been involved in the running industry as an editor, book author, coach, podcaster, speaker, and thought leader for the better part of two decades. He’s also one fast dude, running a blistering 4:09 mile. And I’m very fortunate to call Mario a friend.

In this conversation, we're discussing longer training cycles and why you might be interested (or not) in lengthening the cycle in which you plan your training.

We discuss:

  • The nuances of longer training cycles
  • The goals they aim to accomplish
  • The practical difficulties of longer cycles
  • Why most everyone sticks with a 7-day cycle
  • The #1 skill you must learn if you adopt a longer training cycle

For more coaching guidance, check out Team Strength Running!

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