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SUZANNE Selects for August - The Suzanne Somers Podcast

It's August, and time for the new SUZANNE Selects box reveal of the month!

On this episode of the Suzanne Somers podcast, Suzanne talks about how much she loves people... meeting people in the grocery store, talking to people about hormones and toxic mold, and how much she loves doing her show on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Suzanne and Big Al also discuss their book, "Two's Company" and the "bubblewrap" period of their lives.

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She received an Emmy nomination as Outstanding Host for “The SUZANNE Show,” her weekly Lifetime Network talk show, which provides a thought-provoking morning show alternative with in-depth information on health and wellness in a casual, entertaining format. Suzanne’s fun, smart, empowering talk show, “Suzanne Somers’ Breaking Through,” airs online on the CafeMom Studios YouTube channel.

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