EP243: Kurt Schlichter - How Self-Publishing Your Books Can Boost Your Business


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For many thought leaders, getting a book deal with a traditional publisher is a major achievement.

But, will that book attract clients to your business?

How much of the profits will you actually see from your book sales?

According to this week’s guest, Kurt Schlichter, there are negatives to having your book traditionally published.

He’s a successful writer of dystopian conservative action novels in addition to his work as a trial lawyer.

This former Army Colonel and stand-up comedian has been able to utilize self-publishing to power his success and thought leadership.

During this interview, you’ll learn…

  • The pros of self-publishing your books
  • The cons of traditional publishing
  • Why it’s important to give yourself time to think & plan

To find out more about Kurt, visit https://www.thethoughtleaderrevolution.com/.

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