EP244: Cory Budovitch - How To Identify Your Ideal Clients


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Focus on the people you can help. It can be challenging and hard at first, but our guest kept at it, helped clients along the way, gained experience and everything has paid off in the long run. That's Cory Budovitch's story, and he strongly believes that habits are a big thing in getting the results you want, pair them with the right behaviour and high standards for yourself and you and your clients can be successful. He is the owner of Budovitch Legacy Planning Inc. Tax and a wealth strategist for high net worth individuals. He essentially helps people reduce tax, increase wealth and expedites that process.

During this interview, you’ll learn…

  • The importance of the law of proximity
  • Tips on how to figure out your ideal clients
  • The significance of non-stop learning

To find out more about Cory, visit https://www.thethoughtleaderrevolution.com/.

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