Why do clients sign up? Understanding the core motivations that attracts clients.


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Have you ever wondered why people keep buying recipe books?

Your grandma had a dozen books, so did your parents, and now, even if you're not such a good cook, you're likely to have a few around the house. There are tens of thousands of recipes in blogs and on YouTube.

Even so, there's when yet another recipe book comes out, and there's still a market for it. Why is this the case? The reason is more straightforward than you'd expect because this factor of recipe books doesn't just apply to food.

If you've tried to learn a language, you're likely to have gone to a live course, bought several apps and some home study versions of the language. When the next "wonder language program" comes out, you'll still want to try it out. And all of these purchases of books, courses and training don't just apply to beginners.

An experienced writer, for example, will evaluate and possibly buy a new writing course or go to a writing event. Why is this the case, and how do you use this information to make your sales page better?

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