Episode 38: Insider Secrets with Pat Precourt


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We are all intrigued by the idea of getting Insider Secrets from people who are ultra-successful. This podcast episode is exactly that. You will get to hear two great friends, Kent Clothier and Pat Precourt as they discuss the things they notice that are different between people who succeed at a very high level and those who never get started. Most of it relates to mindset and the way you choose to show up in the world. But there are small nuances the guys highlight that make this short episode more than worth the listen, so don't miss out!

Outline of this great episode

  • Kent’s introduction to Pat Precourt, his good friend and fellow coach

  • The thing going on between your ears is what’s holding you back

  • Celebrating failures and how it increases learning and growth

  • If you want a different result you need to change the decisions you make

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