Episode 43: I Have No Money. What Do I Do? Answering The Question


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It's time to answer one of the most common questions that Kent receives from people who are considering a business or entrepreneurial venture. He hears it all the time, people saying “I don't have any money! What do I do in that situation?” What you have to realize is that the question itself demonstrates the reason the person doesn't have any money. How? In this episode, Kent will explain why a lack of money is never the real problem, show you what the real problem is, and help you rethink the issue so that you can begin doing the things that will lead to the fulfillment and life of your dreams you are hoping for.

Outline of this great episode:

  • The lack of money issue (excuse)

  • Every entrepreneur has faced this issue at one time or another - get used to it

  • The right way to think about it: It’s not a lack of money - it’s a lack of resourcefulness

  • Learn how to become resourceful to fulfill what you really want

  • Don’t focus on the obstacle, focus on the opportunity

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