#86: Toy Safety 102: The EN-71 Toy Safety Standard with Bill Baxter


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Remember Brexit? Well, back in late January when the UK left the EU, I reached out to a Toy Safety expert friend of mine and asked, “What is this going to do to our labeling requirements?” The answer was, "a little when it comes to testing, and "a lot when it comes to paperwork. "
Today’s podcast episode is our Toy Safety 102 lesson, and we spend about 90% of this conversation focusing on the cost, complication, and changes in labeling and testing requirements brought about once the UK split from the EU. EN-71 is the European standard that specifies safety requirements for toys sold in the European Union. Bill walks us through what you need to stay compliant with and points out that we have until January of 2022 to have all product molds, deco, and packages updated with the new required labeling.
At the end of the episode, you’ll gain a little bit of perspective around accepting international orders for your product line too soon. If you don’t know anything at all about toy safety, you might want to check out episode number 43, Toy Safety 101. You’ll learn more about our guest, Bill Baxter, and get a clearer picture of the acronyms you’ll hear us tossing around in this episode. To listen to episode 43 just visit www.thetoycoach.com/43.

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