#87: Is My Idea Considered A Toy or Children's Product?


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Remember when you came up with your latest and greatest toy idea? At any point, did you stop and wonder to yourself, is this really a toy product? If you’ve had an idea or two that you weren’t quite sure fell into the category of toys and games, then today’s episode is going to help you clear that thought process right up.
Today’s episode was inspired after about a dozen inquiries I’ve gotten asking to clarify what makes a toy a toy. This episode will walk you through 3 exercises to take your idea through which will help you identify if it’s a toy, game, or kids’ product. Plus, in this episode, I touch on what to do if your idea doesn’t fall into the traditional toy category at all!

Get ready to explore the dictionary definitions of the word toy and play and learn how intended use alone may dictate whether your product is a toy or not. There’s a bit of homework at the end of this episode for you, which requires you to reach out to me, your toy coach. I encourage you to put the work in, and I look forward to watching your toy idea blossom because of it.
When you are ready, let’s dive into today’s episode and learn techniques that will help you finally answer the question, “Is my idea a toy product or not?”.
For the links and resources mentioned in this episode, head over to the episode page at www.thetoycoach.com/87

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