Learning From the Pros: Things to Emulate, and Things We Shouldn’t


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With more live race coverage, social media posts, and YouTube channels, you have better access to the lives and training secrets of pro triathletes than ever before. And while there are many things you can take from the tri life of the pros and apply to your own training and racing, there are other things that you shouldn't adopt. On today's episode, Ironman Champion Matt Bach and Pro Triathlete Elizabeth James discuss what things you should and shouldn't emulate. Listen in as they discuss racing at the elite level and the similarities and differences for training and racing that can be applied for a triathlete at any performance level. Huge thanks to Precision Hydration for partnering with us on this episode. To learn more about Precision Hydration, head to precisionhydration.com and use code TRIDOT10 for 10% off your electrolytes and fuel. On their site, you can: 1. Take the free online Sweat Test to receive a personalized hydration plan. 2. Complete the Quick Carb Calculator to understand how many grams of carbohydrate you need to consume during your next race. 3. Book a free 20-minute video consultation with a member of the Precision Hydration team to discuss your fueling strategy.

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