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OyOy. How are you lot? We're back with a new episode after a few weeks of accidental hiatus (Sorry about that, we're just mad busy). Anyway, this week, we're joined by a fabulous actor by the name of Mark Bonnar.

You might know Mark from Line Of Duty. Or from Guilt, Shetland, Casualty, Psychoville and tons of other amazing stuff. And in this episode of the podcast we do actually discuss a lot of that, but as Craig mentions in the intro it's always from a human angle. Craig and Mark start off talking about children's books and the childhood luxury of being read to, they pass through personas, happy sets, silent comedians, standup comedians and loads, loads more. It's a brilliant chat, and one we're proud to come back with.

It's episode 162 of the Two Shot Podcast with the fantastic Mark Bonnar.

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