Episode 251: The Cajun Werewolf Part Two - Rougarou In The Bayou


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Down in the murky swamps of Louisiana there is a dogman like creature (with maybe a pig face) who terrorizes the small towns that dot the eerie landscape. This creature is known as the Rougarou, or the Loogarou, or the Loop-Garou, or as I heard it called by one Cajun: The Loop Garoup…but I like to call him the CAJUN WEREWOLF, a nine-foot tall cursed beast who mutilates cattle, steals children, and refuses to observe Lent. Is this creature just myth and folklore, a tale to scare children? Or is it the Dogman Down River, The Bigfoot of the Bayou, a true ghastly gnarling beast stalking the steamy swamps of the South?

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