Episode 255: The Loch Ness Monster Part Three - The Saddest-Er-Er Hunter


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O’er in the ancient land of Scotland there is a Loch so deep it could fit the entire population of planet Earth. It’s known as Loch Ness. And it is home to one fo the most famous Cryptids in the world…The Loch Ness Monster, aka Nessie. And its existence has enticed monster hunters / fans and skeptics for generations. Is it an ancient dinosaur surviving extinction, is it a seal, is it two waves crashing into each other, is it a cat fish or a sturgeon, or some birds? Is it a rock, or a log? Or is it…one of a kind. This month, don your best kilt and grab your bagpipes because we’re traveling to the Scottish Isle, in hunt of the most famous sea monster known to man. Nessie.

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