Ep. 171 Messages From the Dying with Linda Logue


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Today Sarah is joined by Linda Logue. Linda is a death doula and an intuitive reader with 40 years of experience. She has perfected mental telepathy with the dying and serves as a powerful conduit for those in their last stage of life. She has communicated on behalf of people in a complete comatose, vegetative state, in hospice, and more. The service she provides is nothing short of a blessing and leaves both the dying soul and the ones left on this Earth with an undeniable sense of comfort, relief, and understanding. Through this conversation, she will replace the fears you hold around death with a warming reassurance that illuminates the beauty of a soul’s journey. Death is not the end, it is another beginning.

In this episode of The Uncensored Empath:

  • How Linda discovered her intuitive reading and end of life doula abilities
  • How nearing death impacts your aura
  • Communicating with souls in Heaven
  • Explaining the different healing processes available to souls when they die
  • Understanding death relative to the person’s soul contract

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