Ep. 173 Alchemical Throat Chakra Healing for Empaths


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In today’s solo episode Sarah provides a potent alchemical throat chakra healing for empaths after noticing some common themes with her clients. The theme of powerful souls fearing speaking up and out. Sarah believes everyone has a message within them and everyone deserves to share that message. Whether you are overwhelmed by the fear of what others may think, the fear of messing up, or the fear of being outcast for using your voice, this episode is for you. It is time to let your voice roar. The world is ready and waiting.

In this episode of The Uncensored Empath:

  • Understanding the fear preventing you from using your voice
  • Receive a powerful alchemical throat chakra healing from Sarah
  • Commonalities among empaths and the fear of speaking out
  • How to recalibrate your nervous system for a louder voice in the world

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