Ep. 184 I Had a Baby!


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For today’s solo episode, Sarah sat down and recorded her birth story. The day before Mother’s Day, on May 8th, at 9:25 pm her beautiful daughter, Emersyn Jordan St. John arrived earthside and left both Sarah and Andrew forever changed. This episode takes you on a journey from the moment Sarah’s water broke up through 12 days postpartum. This sacred recording will have you smiling, laughing, cheering Sarah on, and overflowing with the love in her voice.

In this episode of The Uncensored Empath:

  • Sarah’s water breaking and laboring at home
  • The power of reframing birth plans with birth preferences
  • Learning to balance the trust in experience and wisdom of others with the primal strength and knowledge of the body
  • Sarah’s hospital, birth, and postpartum experience

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